FieldMate TM AreaMeter  
   || Large Screen Field Mate Area Meter released at the 2010 World Plough Champs, Methven, NZ






- Seed Drills / Tramlining
- Mowers (Dual or Triple)
- Sprayers
- Spreaders
- Windrowers
- Harvesters

  • Ever been stuck wanting to know the size of a field you have just worked?
  • Maybe you get into disputes over the area of the field you are invoicing for?
  • Or you often don’t get enough seed for the field to be drilled? All this costs in time, peace of mind, and dollars$$.

TRUE AREA MEASUREMENT: It is important to know the true surface area of a field - not just the planimetric area.

The Field Mate® Surface Area Measurement Solution measures the true surface area of the landscape. GPS systems generally report planimetric area which is done by driving the perimeter of the field. If the field is flat, then the planimetric area will equal the surface area. However slope or roll in the land will increase the surface area of the field (see table below).

You already have a GPS? A FieldMate® Surface Area Measurement Solution can compliment your GPS system by measuring the true area of the land and can even instruct the GPS to begin mapping (see GPS MAPPING upgrade option).

HOW IT WORKS: The FieldMate® Surface Area Measurement Solution operates by accurately measuring the distance travelled by an implement, using sensors mounted on a non-slip ground wheel. The surface area is calculated every time the ground wheel sensor is triggered in accord with the implements working width. Enter just two numbers - the working width and the wheel size - and the Field Mate computer takes care of the rest.





  1. The LARGEST screen currently on the market - 4 x 7cm!
  2. EASY TO USE! At the press of a couple of buttons, your Field Mate® will record surface area, measure distance, calculate seed rate, automatically tramline, record your hours worked, detail maximum and average speeds and much more.
  3. DOWNLOAD TO YOUR OFFICE COMPUTER! Heaps of information about the jobs done can be output to your office computer in an easy to read report, making invoicing a breeze. See our brochure for feature details.
  4. Use a Field Mate® with your Double or Triple Mower, providing accurate measurements where other systems struggle.
  5. They're RUGGED and RELIABLE agricultural computers that have been proven in the field for over 5 years. Designed and built in New Zealand.
  6. Complete INSTALLATION KIT sold with every Areameter!*

"Simple, quick and easy to use, it makes invoicing a breeze. We have a data file we can always refer back to."

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